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Dowry Problem in India Essay

Gandhi ji give tongue to- Any young man who moderates shargon fo situateting get married , disrespects his education, province and womanhood. Our society is full of evil systems. nonpareil of those evil systems is fate. Dowry is defined as the price paid by parents to get their daughters married as well for getting them the place in the family which they deserve. Over the age cases of dowry harassment and cases of dowry deaths cause multiplied. In Hindu marriage system, a system termed as kanyaddan is performed in which the bride is inclined to the husband and in-laws along with huge sums of money, furniture, house, car, etc. or more than precisely bride along with dowry. The dowry system has converted something as pure as marriage into a business transaction and the bride into a salable commodity or a line to more money.Debts are taken so that the grooms family can be provided with a large dowry. This creates a shoot down on the brides family. Girls begin to take o f themselves as a burden on their families and accept spinsterhood as their fate or commit suicide. Dowry has also lead to an increase in female abortifacient and female infanticide which has greatly affected the male-female ratio in the country. Heavy dowry is demanded for meliorate boys. This has ruined the lives of many brilliant girls. Brilliant, educated and economically independent girls cannot get married to so-called educated boys because their parents cannot provide their in-laws with a huge dowry demanded by them. nevertheless after marriage such girls are tortured to bring in more money, and ultimately, they either commit suicide or lose their mental balance. People who conceptualise in pickings dowry articulate that dowry acts as a monetary help to the newlyweds. They imagine that while marriage acts as a life insurance for girls, marriage acts as its premium.They also say that a girl who carries a sizable amount of dowry to her husband and in-laws feels sel f-assured while a girl who carries a less amount of dowry feels awkward and apprehensive. In 1961, the government passed the Dowry prohibition Act to stamp out the dowry system. However, this act, kinda of subsiding dowry, took its roots to a deeper take aim in the society. It is said that on an come one woman is being killed in every four hours n the regaining of dowry in India. However, beardown(prenominal) usual rejection is being noticed on the fare of dowry among the youth. They are not shit to give or take dowry for getting married. They are really advance forward to abolish the evil. Our society  inescapably such responsible youth to abolish the evil system of dowry in India. There is finally a positivistic send of light shown in farthest darkness, but to convert this positive beam of light into utmost lightness, we, the common muckle of India have to take effective curative steps We should start a strong propaganda to abolish the evil. People should make demonstrations against those who take dowry. Strict laws should be passed to prohibit taking and giving dowry. Young girls should take austere action when their family is demanded with dowry. Proper education should be imparted to girls as well as they should be made economically independent to revive the process. Love marriages, inter-caste marriages as well as inter-provisional marriages may also help. Cases of dowry sinless marriages should be the news item on the bulletin. This will encourage the youth. Right now, in our society, a man who does not espouse for love, learns to marry for possessions. We have to change the picture. regularize NO TO DOWRY

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'Contingency Theory of Accommodation and Advocacy\r'

'â€Å"Contingency conjecture of Accommodation and Advocacy” Contingency manageable action of appointment/advocacy is a to a greater extent realistic pullion of unrestricted semblance strategies or models based on a continuum. The disaster affirmableness represents the makeups possible berth on a wider avow of state-supporteds than an mortal one fostering rigid and undivided categorization closelyly found in a limited set chat models. Basic onlyy what the possibleness is getting at is opening the spectrum of the globe to come to a more rounded synopsis of the fill out or product.\r\nAmanda Cancel, Michael Mitrook, and Glen Cameron conceptualized the guess to offer a infract sagaciousness how the in the customary eye(predicate) relations field manages conflict and reaches out to the public in external communication. A conceive was make by 18 practitioners to throw if the contingency theory made whatsoever sense to them. The theory itself offers 8 6 possible factors in the continuum at all given over time to both given public. This allows the continuum offered to depict how an organizations stance toward one given public and not the outcome of the interaction with that public.\r\nThe theory focuses then on what decisions led the organization to their stance in concern with greater or lesser accommodation to that public. cardinal of the many an(prenominal) factors suggests that more accommodation or more advocacy will be effective in gaining de portionmental and organisational objectives in the short and long term. The contingency theory further goes on to evidence that an accommodative stance, questionably a part of a two-way cruciform communication may not be altogether ethical, in fact it could be unconnected and unethical to chastely repugnant publics, for those who harmonise some positions to be morally absolute.\r\nA position of a moral order holds more so than that of any article of faith in the dialogic pr ocess. This withal bring into fascinate ethical charges of paternalism and the convictions of an organization that advocacy is morally superior to twoâ€way bilaterally symmetric communication. Communication processes such as dialogue, compromise, collaboration and cooperation denote agreement, but engaging in these degrees ar not always on the highest moral position. In certain cases taking a moral stance style putting the ethical principle preceding(prenominal) two-way symmetrical communication.\r\nThe contingency theory attempts to structure a better understanding to dynamics of accommodation and advocacy musical composition institute the ethical aspects of accommodation to the ability in public relations. This is one model method that was used in the get of contingency. The sample test consisted of eighteen distinguishable public relation managers, ranging from middle to pep pill class. There are varieties of large corporations and of the practitioners represents one from around the country.\r\nThe practitioners selected all represent corporations that are equally or more undecided than another(prenominal) organizations to positive and negative march with the general public. This is the low gear reason for their choice and the second reason is related to their overall knowledge of their corporation”s narrative and associated culture, in comparison to a half-time practitioner”s knowledge. The research was through with(p) in three logical divisions. The first section asked the interviewee about the valid continuum amidst advocacy and accommodation.\r\nThe second section analytically covers possible variables that could affect the corporations” stances along the continuum and conveys associated models in conflict management. The third section summarizes the have into three groups: strongly supported variables, unwarranted variables and new variables. Strengths for this battleground are impossible where in the en tire variable range has such a broad spectrum that all aspects are covered. The variables of the business exposure and embodied culture are the two most allied aspects to the validity of the study itself.\r\nThis offers the interviewer to conjointly take a chance out what is to be done and how it to be done in public relations to further a better advocacy of knowledge to public. The failinges that are also relative to the variables and the amount of time it takes to send packing all the imperturbable information of the interviewees. The study seems too extensive to possess any beneficial quality for the interviewer and interviewee and the information collected will not serve any purpose to the interviewee because they already are aware(p) of what they know.\r\nAn example of contingency of accommodation was where a Florida newspaper wanted to see how the public receiving their circulation felt towards it and what should be implemented in changing any problems the public proverb as a hindrance. The contingency theory is, by any means, a faithful way of practicing public relations. One groovy test would be to see how reconciling one public stance and the corporation. For example, thither is a property management fellowship that owns a larger portion of the buildings in the city.\r\nA Planned Parenthood clinic wants to reclaim its lease but the familiarity faces their other buildings being ostracizeed by anti-abortion groups. The property company hires you to try to advocate and accommodate the issues that are of major concern of this group. Is it possible to find a balance? What type of answers does the boycott want to here and what are possible changes for this altercation? The contingency theory possesses many positive attributes on focus toward accommodation of the publics” expressed feelings.\r\nThe key asset of the tress is the emphasis of mutual communication and normative input towards the public. In that, keeping a wide range of possi bility and originator for organization of apparent issues. The major weakness is extreme accommodation towards one public in turn causing full(a) disregard of issues and disproportionate conflict to another. The motif is then fixed to two-way symmetrical communication and improved stance of the model.\r\n'

'Homework: Food and Patient\r'

' prep 5 for Lesson 15 (Due on Wednesday, expose 20) ?? Read the passage below and serve the question.???????? ???????????????????? ,??? ,??????????????????????? ,?????? ,??????????????????????? ,??????? ,????????????????????????????? ,???????????????????????? ,???????? :â€Å"????? ” Questions: (True/False) ( T ) 1. Li You cooked a tofu ply and invited Wang Hong to dinner. ?????? ,??????? ( T ) 2The tofu dish was the cause of Li You’s stomachache. ?????????????? ( F ) 3. When Li You went to the cook, it took the prepare a spacious time to diagnose the problem.????????? ??????????????? ( F ) 4. Li You asked Wang Peng to help her look for a new-sprung(prenominal) refrigerator.??????????????? ???????????????????????????? ,?????????? ,??????? ,??? ,?????????????????? :”?????? ,????????????????????? ,???????????????????? Questions: (True/False) ( T ) 1. Little Qian first met the remediate when she went to the hospital for her allergic reaction. ??????????? ,? ??????????????? ( F ) 2. According to Li You, Little Qian has suffered from her allergy for a yearn time. ????????????? ( T ) 3. According to Li You, her allergy is Little Qian’s excuse for see that doctor.??? ????????????? ( T ) 4. Liitle Qian’s allergy symptoms father worse when she sees the doctor.???????????????? ?? :??????? ?? :?? ,??????? ?? :?????????????????? ?? :?????????????????? ?? :???? ,?????????????????? ,????????????????????????? ,??????????? ,???????????????? ,?????????? ?? :???? ,??????? ,????????????? ,?????? ?? :?????????? ?? :?????????????? ?? :??? ……? ,???! ?? :?? ,????? ?? :????????? ,????????????????? Questions: (True/False) ( F ) 1. The uncomplaining and the doctor meet in a restaurant.????????????? ( T ) 2.The tolerant has a stomachache. ??????? ( T ) 3. uncomplete the doctor nor the patient had dinner at home yesterday.??????????????? ( T ) 4. The doctor urges the patient to take medicine as soon as possible.?????????? ( F ) 5. The doctor of all time dines at expensive restaurants.??????????? Multiple excerpt ( C ) 6. What is the doctor’s advice to the patient about dining out? _______ a. Go to much expensive restaurants where the food is tastier.??????? ,??????? b. Go to more reputable restaurants where the food is more expensive.???????? ,?????? c.Go to more expensive restaurants where the food is safer.??????? ,???????? ( B ) 7. What can we say about the doctor? _______ a. He himself follows the advice he gives to his patient.???????????? b. He himself does not follow the advice he gives to his patient.???????????????? c. He advices his patient to do things his way.????????????? ?this is a form that a new patient needs to gorge out in hospitals in China. filtrate to fill out the form as much as you can, according to your testify circumstances. And translate the characters and phrases that you can understand into English. ? falsehood telling: write a bilgewater in Chinese based on the four cartons below. Mare sure that your accounting has a beginning, middle and end. Also manage sure that the transition from one evidence to the next is smooth and logical. ————————————————- ————————————————- ————————————————- ————————————————- ————————————————- ————————————————- ————————————————-\r\n'

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'The Symptoms of Asthma\r'

'Asthma is a degenerative (long-term) disease that inflames and narrows the airways. The airways produce extra mucus and ventilating system becomes difficult. Asthma causes tightness in the chest, shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing. Asthma affects throng of any ages but usually starts in childhood. For some people bronchial asthma attack whitethorn just be a low inconvenience for some others it is a major worry that interferes with daily activities. Those that have severe asthma could incur a life ominous asthma attack.\r\nThe symptoms of asthma range from person to person and vary from minor to severe. A person may have symptoms in the main at night, during exercise or when they may be exposed to certain triggers. near people have asthma symptoms all the time others may have unparalleled attacks and between fl ar-ups feel completely customary and have no trouble breathing. Situations that may induce an asthma flare up are: Exercise-induced asthma occurs du ring exercise and may be worse when the air is rimy and dry, Occupational asthma is ca utilize by breathing irritants much(prenominal) as chemical fumes, gases or dust, Allergy-induced asthma is triggered by particular allergens, much(prenominal) as pollen, molds and pet dander.\r\nAsthma is a very common disease. Twenty-two one thousand million Ameri shadowers suffer from asthma, of that six million are children and the number of people universe diagnosed grows apiece year. Factors that may increase your chance of evolution asthma are: Having a crosscurrent relative (parent or sibling) with asthma, being overweight, being a smoker or picture show to second hand smoke, mother that consume while being pregnant, low race weight, exposure to exhaust fumes and other pollution such as chemicals used in farming/harvesting and manufacturing. Having an hypersensitised condition such as allergic rhinitis (hay fever) or atopic dermatitis lavatory similarly be a factor in having asthma. Other causes or risk factors may be exposure to allergens, certain germs or having some types of bacterial or viral infections. Research on these triggers is required to go up out what role they play in developing asthma.\r\nDiagnosis of asthma john be difficult. In order to form out any other conditions such as wheezy bronchitis, pneumonia or oxidizable airway disease, a doctor whoremonger perform a physical examination and ask you questions about your signs and symptoms. Lung (pulmonary) lean tests can determine how much air you decease in and out of your lungs. Several tests let in: A Peak flow clip which measures how hard you can breathe out, Spirometry a test that measures the narrowing of your bronchial tubes by checking the amount of air exhaled after a deep breath and how fast you can breathe out. Other tests that can be done after your initial lung function test is normal are methacholine challenge and Nitric oxide test.\r\nAsthma is an incurable disease t hat can be controlled by medication. The right medications depend on a number of things, including your age, your symptoms, your asthma triggers and what works trump out for an individual to keep it under control. handling usually involves learning to recognize the triggers and taking steps to avoid them, and tracking your breathing. cake and long -term control is the key to preventing asthma attacks.\r\n'

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'Out and Disabled Essay\r'

'Comp are and discriminate the ways in how â€Å" by, let out” and â€Å" alter” gravel the melodic theme of a for secure victim The rime â€Å" out(p), Out” by Robert Frost has a strong parity with the poem â€Å" modify” by Wilfred Owen as two(prenominal) poems demonstrate the diplomacy of flavour and how unmatched and only(a) person’s remnant can be well forgotten. â€Å"Out, Out” the title speaks of e actually amour, subroutined in Shakespeare’s play ‘Macbeth’ It implies how sprightliness is ultimately expound desire a candle, when the flame goes stumble there is eternal darkness.\r\nIn â€Å" modify” it essentially shows the same meaning where the wo hatfuls’s interest passed to â€Å"strong men that were safe and sound” because the once glorious human race in â€Å" disenable” became nought at all. The use of personification in â€Å"Out, Out” where the th rum saw â€Å"snarled and sound” evokes a find of foreboding. The buzz saw is seen as aggressive where sub collectibleting the son’s hand was seen as a aspire and was meant to happen after all. The saw is seen as aggressive where cutting the male child’s hand was seen as a rump and was meant to happen after all.\r\nThe son is manifestly nonhing but dinner to the piranha as he was its â€Å"supper” was menti unitaryd right at the same moment when his hand was cut off. This is an effective method of making the boy seem worthless. The buzz saw has its let mind and is always unity standard ahead to make it seem dominant. traitorousness is a make out point of the ii poems as twain victims had been betrayed by their let passel. The boy was seen as only other death so no one cared rough what happened since they were non the â€Å"ones dead” so they just move on with their life without any mourning.\r\nIn â€Å"Disabled” the man was also seen as someone who is nothing as he is no chronic â€Å"whole”. Where he was once a celebrated man, his life had completely changed payable to his inexperience and naive view on war. He shares a kindred component as to the boy in â€Å"Out, Out” His actions were statuesque but they don’t matter at all since he had gained nothing out of it, he wasn’t able to win his â€Å"Meg” and he only brought back scars from the war. He was go away alone desire garbage since the women move away to the other â€Å"strong men”.\r\nNo matter what he did for his nation, he was a forgotten victim like the boy in â€Å"Out, Out”. It explains that the lives of these two people are insignificant and it’s best just to move on. On the other hand, twain poems are both(prenominal) organised differently. â€Å"Out, Out” is a period story which has no stanzas. This social organisation allows the poem to be more fluid and k eeps the grounds of the story moving. It is seen through a one-third person perspective whereas â€Å"Disabled” the structure of the poem has stanzas and shows the perception of the past and the present.\r\nRobert cover juxtaposes the structure of the poem which aims to give a strong sense of contrast from one another so by use the past and the present, it is a very authoritative role in the poem because one of the interesting give away of â€Å"Disabled” is the chief(prenominal) character as we can easily see how rueful he is due to his nostalgic days of when he was young. At stanza 1, it is hard to convince that the ruined man is the same person in stanza 3.\r\nHe was knget as one of the value people as he was â€Å" cockamamie” for his face. As he looked like a ‘god in kilts’ it is very severalize to his future where he is in his â€Å" disconsolate” suit. However, even though they contract a contrasting structure they have someth ing similar in terms of events that are not diagnoseed. Both poems predict something dreadful is about to happen to the characters as the personification employ in ‘Out, Out’ ‘snarled and rattled’ hints that that the buzz saw is planning to strike.\r\nThe structure has an unusual change where it is first introduced to something repellent which is the buzz saw but hence the tone rapidly changes to a muted state. Then it quickly shows the mountain ranges ‘one behind the other’ and ‘under the sunset, distant into Vermont’ it foreshadows the boy’s death as the beauty could symbolize heaven. The tone quickly changes from concentrated to something serene. One other thing which is fascinating is that the poem has an image of participation where gild is cruelly creating the relish of a forgotten victim just like the â€Å"women” in â€Å"Disabled”.\r\nThe fact that both poems have the characters offering thei r automobile trunk part creates an impression that they are worthless. It gives an melodic theme that the body parts are no longer their own body. In â€Å"Disabled” he â€Å"threw away” his knees which is an unsympathetic manner to mention about his own legs â€Å"Out, out” is very comparable as he has â€Å" tending(p)” the hand. The fact that it wasn’t mentioned as â€Å"his” hand proves that it was no longer his own.\r\nIn the poems both protagonists are robbed of their youth because they are both thrust into a dangerous giving world. They are chosen to be killed and left field alone even though they are young which gives a poignant liveliness and the sense of being forgotten. They interestingly have the same characteristics because in ‘Out, out’ the boy is doing â€Å"a man’s throw” which implies a sense of experience and doing gain that is years ahead of his age. Equal with â€Å"Disabled” where he finds himself in the present in a suit of grey.\r\nSimilarly both protagonist in the poems portray the sense of being used by people because once they can’t get to anything, they are no use to their leadership and society so they are left alone, isolated and gone from the world feeling betrayed as the boy was just basically used and the disabled man was spurned may assume that he threw away his life as well as he â€Å"poured” the colours down into outfox holes. In comparison, the boy in â€Å"Out, Out” gives a stronger feeling of sorrow or grief for the boy as he is doing something he shouldn’t. In â€Å"Disabled” the idea of a forgotten victim is not shown as him resulting in death.\r\nIt is the opposite of the boy as he is longing for his death. A powerful word Wilfred Owen used was that slumber had â€Å"mothered” which is a personification that shows his love of quietus where he is nurtured and safe, it even implies that the man is depressed. It assumes that the disabled man wants to escape from reality and go to his own reality in his sleep. Overall, the fragility and delicateness of life and youth mainly presents the idea of the forgotten victim. A forgotten victim is usually immobilized and helpless when they have lost(p) everything.\r\nâ€Å"Out, Out” and â€Å"Disabled” poignantly present forgotten victims. Even when doing a noble action like joining the army, a man can still be rejected among people. â€Å"Out, out” and â€Å"Disabled” were both written during difficult clock and acquaints the commentator to the atmosphere of the early 19’s. â€Å"Disabled” and â€Å"Out, Out” was written during the World contend 1 where it was difficult and dark times yet in â€Å"Out, Out” we get a taste of how cold society was back then. Society can be cruel and filled with individualism where everyone is their own man so it plays a key point of making the two victims forgotten.\r\n'

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'Reactivity of Metals with Water and Acid Essay\r'

'Introduction\r\nThis report discusses an experiment to study the descent of the physical and chemical properties of elements in root words and periods to the atomic mental synthesis of the elements. The objective of the experiment is to observe what happens when septet surfaces (atomic number 12, calcium, iron, lead, copper, atomic number 13, and zinc) atomic number 18 placed in body of pissing and/or hydrochloric dit. The possibleness is that not both metals will react with the wet and/or hydrochloric acid. This report presents the experiment’s procedures, results, compendium and questions.\r\nPurpose\r\nTo observe relationships between the reactivity of elements and their jam on the periodic table.\r\nMaterials\r\n come a map A: reactivity of Metals in Water\r\n1. 2. chemical safety look\r\n3. 250 mL beaker\r\n4. mental tryout metro (18 mm x 150 mm)\r\n5. quiz-tube rack\r\n6. scoopula\r\n7. spark barge\r\n8. bunsen burner burner clamped to a retort st and\r\n9. streak-tube clamp\r\n10. pH make-up\r\n11. account towel\r\n12. undersize samples of\r\n1. calcium, Ca(s)\r\n2. magnesium, Mg(s)\r\n3. copper, Cu(s)\r\n1. woody care for\r\n fibre B: Reactivity of Metals in Hydrochloric dot\r\n1. 2. chemical safety goggles\r\n3. 20 mL graduated cylinder\r\n4. 4 mental testing tubes (18 mm x 150 mm)\r\n5. test-tube rack\r\n6. scoopula\r\n7. piddling samples of\r\n1. magnesium, Mg(s)\r\n2. iron, Fe(s)\r\n3. zinc, Zn(s)\r\n4. aluminum, AI(s)\r\n1. dilute hydrochloric acid (0.5 mol/L)\r\n2. spark lighter\r\n3. Bunsen burner clamped to a retort stand\r\n4. paper towel\r\n5. woody splint\r\n6. masking memorialise or test-tube stopper\r\nProcedure\r\nPart A: Reactivity of Metals in Water\r\nThe materials were selected and brought to the station. Safety protocol was followed and safety glasses were worn throughout the experiment. The tolerate information tables were drawn in which to record the selective information observations. T he beaker was filled with near 250 mL of smash urine. The body of water supply was tested with pH paper and the results were recorded. On a folded piece of paper towel, the professor placed a small piece of calcium (Ca). Observations of physical properties were recorded. A test tube filled with tap water was placed, communicate flock, into the beaker (figure 1) and the calcium was placed in the beaker(amendment: the pilot light procedure asked to select a metal that produced a attack to collect the heavy weapon after freshman attempting the procedure.\r\nTo nullify wasting cadence, the gas [if on that point was] was sedate on the first and only attempt). The chemical response was find and recorded. After the chemical reception was complete, the water was tested with pH paper. This procedure was repeated using samples of magnesium and copper. all results were recorded. The test tube was extracted from the beaker and without flipping it, was placed babble check mate in the test tube rack. Using a spark lighter, the Bunsen burner was lit and a wooden splint was lit from the flame. The burner was turned off. Using a test tube clamp, the test tube was upraised and with it’s opening at the bottom; the enthusiastic splint was inserted into the mouth. Observations were recorded. The splint was extinguished with water from the tap and all waste was disposed of.\r\nPart B: Reactivity of Metals in Hydrochloric Acid\r\nThe materials were selected and brought to the station. Safety protocol was followed and safety glasses were worn throughout the experiment. The beguile data tables were drawn in which to record the data observations. A graduated cylinder was filled with approximately 20.0 mL of dilute hydrochloric acid. 5.0 mL were poured into four innocuous test tubes, which were then placed on the test tube rack. On a folded piece of paper towel, the professor placed small quantities of magnesium, iron, zinc, and aluminum.\r\nThe physica l properties of for each unrivaled of the metals were recorded. One at a time, each of the metals was conservatively usher outped into a different test tube of hydrochloric acid. chemical reactions were observed for a 20 minute period (amendment: be pretend of the lack of time, reactions were only observed for five minutes) and observations were recorded. Masking put overcome was used to lightly cover the test tube in ball club to collect gas from the elements that bubbled in the acid. After the reactions were complete, a wooden splint was lit using a Bunsen burner and the masking magnetic tape was removed. The glowing splint was held just inside the mouth of the test tube. Observations were recorded and the waste was disposed of.\r\nObservations\r\nPart A: Reactivity of Metals in Water\r\n instalment\r\nCalcium\r\n milligram\r\nCopper\r\nPhysical properties\r\nSolid, notes, metallic, downy\r\nLong, thin, solid, smooth, malleable, silver, shiny\r\nThin, solid, malleable, bronze in colour, shiny\r\nReaction\r\nUpon putting the calcium in water, it bubbled and released gas. The water in the test tube was displaced when it was held above the calcium epoch it was reacting\r\npH before reaction: 7\r\npH after reaction: 8/9\r\n in that respect was no reaction when the magnesium was placed in the water, therefore no gas.\r\nThere was no reaction when the copper was placed in the water, therefore no gas.\r\nPart B: Reactivity of Metals in Hydrochloric Acid\r\nElement\r\nZinc\r\nIron\r\nAluminum\r\nMagnesium\r\nPhysical properties\r\nSolid, shiny, silver in colour\r\nRusty, small individual solid flakes, dull\r\nPowder, grey/silver\r\nLong, thin, solid, smooth, malleable, silver, shiny\r\nReaction\r\nSlow reaction, but it in conclusion started to bubble.\r\nVery slow reaction. Few bubbles were produced.\r\nThough there was no observed reaction from the aluminum and the hydrochloric acid, that research shows that it does react. It releases heat and the wat er evaporates.\r\nUpon putting the magnesium in the hydrochloric acid, it alertly started to bubble and fizz. Throughout the observation, it to a fault releasedlots of heat.\r\nAnalysis\r\nThe objective of the experiment was to observe what happens when seven metals are placed in water and/or hydrochloric acid. Calcium, magnesium, and copper were all placed in water and of the three, only the calcium reacted. Zinc, iron, aluminum, and magnesium were placed in the hydrochloric acid. There was a reaction in all(prenominal) test tube, but the magnesium showed the greatest reaction with iron being the least(prenominal) reactive to the acid. nevertheless though the metals may be in the alike period, how it reacts to the water or hydrochloric acid depends on the fiber of metal.\r\nError(s)\r\nWhen the lit splint was held just above the mouth of the test tube with the magnesium, there was no reaction, irrelevant the high-pitched popping sounds emitted by other convocations’ experiments. mayhap this is because the masking tape was removed from the mouth of the test tube minutes before the wooden splint was lit, giving the collected gas enough time to diffuse.\r\nA reason for the zinc and aluminum not reacting with the hydrochloric acid could have involved dirty glasswork or the lack of time allowed for observation.\r\nConclusion\r\nThe utilisation of this lab was to explore the patterns in reactivity in the periodic table. Through careful observation and cookery during this experiment, the hypothesiswas deemed successful. Not all metals react with water and hydrochloric acid.\r\nQuestions\r\n1. direct the elements tested in Part A from least reactive to approximately reactive.\r\n1. From the elements tested in Part A, calcium reacted the most with water (it produced hydrogen), while some(prenominal) copper and magnesium did not have a reaction.\r\n1. Sort the elements that you tested into gatherings. give in the apparent order of reactivity as unrivalled proceeds down a group. Does reactivity profit or lessen?\r\n1. root word 2 (alkaline earth metal): magnesium, calcium\r\n meeting 8: iron\r\nGroup 11 (coinage metal?): copper\r\nGroup 12: zinc\r\nGroup 13: aluminum\r\nFor the metals, the reactivity enlarges as one proceeds down the group. This is because it is easier for electrons to be given further down the periodic table.\r\n1. Sort the elements that you tested into periods. State the apparent order of reactivity as one proceeds crosswise a period. Does reactivity increase or mitigate?\r\n1. Period 3: magnesium, aluminum\r\nPeriod 4: calcium, iron, copper, zinc\r\nFor the metals, the reactivity rock-bottom as one moves from leftfield to chastise crosswise periods, because it is easier for electrons to be taken away far to the left of the periodic table.\r\n1. Is the solution that is produced when a metal reacts with water acidic or basic?\r\n1. The solution that is produced when a metal reacts with water is ba sic, because the pH increased.\r\n1. ground on your gas test observation in tone 16, what gas is produced?\r\n1. Based on the gas test observation in Step 16, hydrogen gas is produced. This can be determined by the ‘ high-pitched pop’ sound that is heard when the lit wooden splint is placed at the mouth of the test tube.\r\n1. Rank the elements tested in Part B from least reactive to most reactive.\r\n1. In part B, copper would be the least reactive, because there was little-to-no reaction with it and the hydrochloric acid. Iron is the second least reactive, as its reaction was slow but there were a some observed bubbles. Zinc would be the second most reactive and magnesium the most reactive, with a quick reaction and the plenty of heat that was released.\r\n1. Does the reactivity increase or decrease as one moves across a period of elements?\r\n1. As one moves across the periodic table from left to right, for the metals, the reactivity decreases, this is because th e farther to the left, the easier it is for electrons to be given or taken away. just for the non-metals, the reactivity increases(excluding the nobles gases), because the farther right, the high the electronegativity, resulting in a greater exchange of electron.\r\n1. Based on your gas test results, what is the gas produced in these reactions (Steps 16 and 25)?\r\n1. Based on the gas test results and the similar ‘ screaky pop’ sound the elements emitted, the gas produced from the magnesium and hydrochloric acid reaction and also the calcium and water reaction is hydrogen gas.\r\n1. Does the reactivity increase or decrease as one moves down a group of elements?\r\n1. As one moves down a group of elements on the periodic table, for the metals, the reactivity increases, this is because the farther down, the easier it is for electrons to be given or taken away. But for the non-metals the reactivity decreases as one goes down because the farther up, the higher the electro negativity, resulting in a greater exchange of electron.\r\n1. guess this investigation. Did the design enable you to collect enough usher to answer the questions? How could it have been improved? Would your suggested improvements raise any safety concerns?\r\n1. The design was decent, but it did provide all the evidence needed to answer all the questions; a fewer of the questions required further research. I cipher the investigation could have been improved by writing clearer instructions and being more descriptive to avoid confusion. Also, students should be able to experiment with different metals to champion them expand their understanding of the reactivity of metals in water and hydrochloric acid (this may raise a few safety concerns).\r\n1. Predict what might happen if you were to drop a piece of kB (or lithium) into a beaker of water.\r\n1. Because potassium is an alkaline metal (lithium as well), it is extremely reactive. I predict that dropping it in water would cause it to react quickly and intensely, and produce hydrogen gas.\r\n1. draw the trends observed in Parts A and B to atomic roentgen, ionisation energy, and electron affinity. Write a paragraph to explain the trends.\r\n1. The elements moving from left to right across a period, the atomic radius decreases, as does the ionization energy(the nucleus of the atom gains protons).The atomic radius increases moving down a group, but the ionization energy decreases moving down a group (gains protons and new energy shells of electrons).And opposite to the ionization energy, electron affinities increase from left to right across a period. Electron affinities change little moving down a group, becoming slightly more positive.\r\n'

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'Aspects of Belonging Notes\r'

'English questions: -Explain how rough of the specific events that argon presented in your text editions provide perceptiveness into be/ non be? -Relationships are constitutive(a) to human beings feeling like they belong. Assess the honor of this statement in regard to your prescribed text and one early(a) text. TODAYS LESSON: -Thesis statements for each aspect of belonging: -Acceptance -Understanding -Relationships -Notions of Identity -Experience -Landscape Write an introduction and conclusion for each of the questions at the top of the page. Acceptance: A squiffy reek of belonging within a association is reliant not only on the forgetingness to assimilate, to a greater extentover also on those already in the corporation to be accepting. •Feelings of acceptance nominate heighten a thought of belonging whereas rejection preempt alienate idiosyncratics. •An mortalistic’s fear of alienation terminate three them to think or act in ship canal tha t are not true to their ideology. Understanding •For an exclusive to feel that they belong to a particular person, plaza or group, they assume to accept and understand the complaisant expectations and behaviours of that lodge. Understanding the values of a person, place or group is the fundamental foundation for mutual keep an eye on that allows for a brain of belonging. •An understanding and appreciation of individual differences †even within a group †is inhering for the smooth running of the society and thus is the etymon of the sense of belonging or not belonging. Relationships •The requirement to belong to a group or community shapes our behaviour, attitude and actions. When humanity senses a strong familiarity to a place the pattern of belonging is fortify and enriched. •When our relationship with a place is shaped by a narrow and biased scene of the area, our notion of belonging can be questionable. •Connections with indi viduals, groups or places can nurture a sense of belonging by the relationship with that different person, group or place. •Relationships are the basis upon which an individual may feel a sense of belonging or not belonging towards a person or place. When significant relationships in life are fractured, often many other aspects related to an individual’s wellbeing will be negatively impacted. •Relationships come in many forms and can either allow an individual to image a sense of belonging or impede this sense of belonging. Notions of Identity •When your cultural personal identity is marginalised, you can feel dislocated and displaced, and believe that you do not belong to your culture or part of the dominating culture. Our expect for who we are is fuelled by a need to find a place in the world where we feel we belong. •Time and the passage of time can have a significant impact on our notion of identity and from that †to whom and to where a n individual might belong. •An individual’s fear of alienation can exploit them act or think in slipway that are not true to their ideology. •Our individual identity is greatly constructed by how others perceive us. •The community adjoin you impacts your opinion of selfhood, consequently moulding your identity. Experience We search for a place to belong, not realising that it is our perceptions and attitudes, not the place, that lastly allows us to feel a sense of belonging. • person-to-person take ins shape our beliefs and values and hence contri howevere to their sense of self and ultimately where they belong. •Experiences can have both positive and negative effects on individuals depending on the extent and power of the knowledge gained. •The way we view and assess the experiences of life can change overtime and thus impact how we establish the present and future. set out/Landscape • Strong conclusion: Strong relationships c orroborate belonging, whilst damaged relationships may be detrimental to the experience of belonging” It is evident that both composers represent this adaptation, but in varying ways †while Romulus focuses more on so how relationships †and barriers to these †can lug belonging, â€Å"other related text” focuses much more on the……. and how these flourish and nourish one’s sense of belonging/ Although different, both composers effectively present their interpretation of relationships, and how these can either nourish or hinder one’s sense of belonging. ORIn conclusion, both â€Å"” and â€Å"” lay down the various ways in which relationships with people and environs can impact an individual’s experience of belonging. Degrees of empathy, understanding, prejudice and sexual attraction, as shown in the examples above, distinctly help determine the nature and strength of almost of the relationships within the respective texts, and the extent to which they can and do impact on an individual’s broader sense of belonging or exclusion. Romantic, professional and cultural draw with others and his surroundings are integral to Romulus’ efforts to belong in his new country, Australia.\r\n'

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'Strategic Process for Recruiting Employees\r'

'Employee planning, recruiting, selecting, staffing and hiring is oft a very difficult, timely and expensive childbed for either organization wishing to survive in today’s economy. In distinguish for any organization to be undefeated they must get out and hire the almost keen employees that fit the culture of the organization. It is the employees that collect up an organization, so to be successful they must have a strict strategical process in place to recruit the well(p) people for their organization.\r\nThere are many strategies that organizations usance to recruit employees which include, the pipeline draw close, competitiveness, employment branding, sourcing, diversity and engineering to name a few. (ere. net, 2008, 4) At Patton â€Fuller corporation Hospital many of these strategies are utilizationd effectively by their Human Resource department. The pipeline approach is a schema that seems to be one of the most big recruiting strategies because the a pproach builds a steady catamenia of applicants, and accommodates for resumes and applications to come in, and get sorted into areas of expertise that may be needed down the road.\r\nIt is very authoritative for organizations to plan for a need that may rebel as time goes on. It is also passing important to note that in every industry in that location lies a contention. Organizations must take in note of what the competitor is doing at all times when it comes to recruitment strategies. This strategy is one that could be adopted by Patton-Fuller participation Hospital in the case of losing an employee; it is always a good idea to have back-ups that may be available or recruited from the competition.\r\nEmployment branding is extremely important in the recruiting process for any organization, in particular in the medical matter. The employees are attracted to a infirmary’s orthogonal image as cosmos a leader in the health alimony profession. Potential employees n eed to believe in where they work, and hospitals and some other organizations can achieve this by painting this external image of what the organization is all about, attracting many talented applicants. Sourcing is a critical ecruitment strategy for Patton-Fuller alliance Hospital.\r\nâ€Å"If you tangle with’t utilize sources that attract a high percentage of top performers, it is unlikely you will make a quality hire. ” (ere. net, 2008, 8) Patton-Fuller relies upon their top-performing employees’ referrals, and recruiters that can screen say-so applicants to ensure that they don’t end up with a weak hire. Diversity is becoming extremely important in all industries, but curiously in the hospital setting.\r\nBy hiring diverse people, the call for of the diverse patients that come into the hospital can be treated by a diverse aggroup of individuals with different talents for different positions. Diversity for Patton-Fuller will allow for this hospi tal to succeed, so it is very important that they take this into consideration for every hire. Technology is the key for many hospitals wishing to survive in today’s economy. With new technologies on the rise Patton-Fuller can exsert to advertise their needfully on the web, which will besides the company time and money by increase the hiring speed and improve screening.\r\nIn the medical field it is extremely important to have the most talented, employ team of professionals on staff to care for the needs of patients. The employees must be trusted not moreover by the patients, but also the staff. In order to ensure that the top notch employees are chosen, Patten-Fuller Community Hospital will have to continue to use the recruiting strategies that they currently use and try others as the hereafter of technology is constantly changing.\r\n'

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'Early Childhood Research and Practice Essay\r'

'From the heading I am sufficient to see that the diary is dismissal to be about â€Å" k instanterledge Stories and Children’s puissant Mathematics. ” There atomic number 18 three authors in resume who were part of the publishing of the journal, they are Bob Perry, process Dockett and Elspeth Harley. It is possible to find out a slap-up deal of information about the authors, for example what university they attended, their genuine job roles and what they are interested in researching. The journal was published in the Early Childhood interrogation Practice, and it can only be found here.\r\nThe journal has been peer reviewed. From reading the title and the abstract, I prolong learnt that â€Å"The approaches to program line and knowledge mathematics in Australian preschools and schools can be quite different. ” It is believed that different cultures are taught in different ways, all the same I would claim to disagree with this statement, as schools t oday have multicultural classes, on that pointfore every child has an equal prospect and is taught the core subjects in the same way.\r\nThe introduction make it clear that there is often conflict among this increase in formality and the play-based, child-centred philosophies of prior-to-school posttings (Thomson, Rowe, Underwood, & Peck, 2005). They pick out to the research was to investigate young children’s numerical experiences. The oblige was set out under many a(prenominal) headings, separating key information into paragraphs. With-in the articles there are in like manner t up to(p)s showing how maths can be associate with play and whether it is a successful way of teaching the younger generation.\r\nTwo of the authors of this story worked with a sm eitherer group of proterozoic puerility educators for two geezerhood in 2005 and two days in 2006. This piece reports how the powerful mathematical ideas and the nurtureal learning outcomes were brought unitedly by a group of practicing early childhood educators into a numeracy matrix that encouraged the educators to plan, implement, and assess their practices. It likewise considers the use of learning stories by the early childhood educators to assess the mathematics learning of preschool children.\r\nTheir list bears many similarities to other such lists (see, for example, Greenes, Ginsburg, & Balfanz, 2004; National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 2000). accomplishment Stories are qualitative snapshots, recorded as structured written narratives, often with accompanying photographs that document and expire the context and complexity of children’s learning (Carr, 2001). Luke has been assumption the opportunity, through the provision of time, materials, and space, to â€Å"participate purposefully in spatial tasks” and to â€Å"demonstrate flexibility and to make choices.\r\n” The article was easy to hunt and fulfilled all of its set aims. Throug h their use of the numeracy matrix, the educators are now able to see how each of the powerful ideas contributes to the DLO. One of them was able to suggest that the work with the numeracy matrix had helped them see how the DLOs were the capstones to all that they were trying to do in all learning areas The purpose of this paper was to introduce the numeracy matrix, which has been developed as part of the southernmostern Numeracy initiative in South Australia.\r\nsubjective evidence from the participants in the Southern Numeracy Initiative suggest that the use of the numeracy matrix and the thinking toilet it have had positive effects on the pedagogical practices of the early childhood educators involved. However some educators disagreed with this and the tooth root can’t be trusted. The article gave a to the point review of what they were trying to achieve and to a fault gave references so if you wanted to further your knowledge on the topic or similar reports then you c ould do so.\r\nUnlike previous articles, this one did not tie in to anything that I have previously read. It interested me as I believe that maths is over looked and there is a great amount of ways in linking it in with everyday play and practice; however some educators do not do that. With Australia now putting this â€Å"matrix” into place others may follow suit and see the positive outcomes. References Australian crosstie of Mathematics Teachers and Early Childhood Australia. (2006).\r\nPosition paper on early childhood mathematics. Retrieved March 7, 2010, from http://www.aamt. edu. au Carr, Margaret. (2001). Assessment in early childhood settings: Learning stories. London: Paul Chapman. Carr, Margaret, & Claxton, Guy. (2002). Tracking the development of learning dispositions. Assessment in Education, 9(1), 9-37. Greenes, Carole; Ginsburg, Herbert P. ; & Balfanz, Robert. (2004). cock-a-hoop math for little kids. Early Childhood question Quarterly, 19(1), 159-1 66. Thomson, Sue; Rowe, Ken; Underwood, Catherine; & Peck, Ray. (2005). Numeracy in the early years: Project Good Start. Melbourne: Australian Council for educational Research.\r\n'

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'Jeff Koons\r'

'Artist Research Assignment: Jeff Koons Jeff Koons was born in 1955 in York, Pennsylvania. When Koons was 7 years old, his parents put him in art lessons. In 1972 to 1975, he enrolled at physician Institute College of Art in Baltimore, medico. In 1975, he went to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois where he studied there for only 1 year. Then in 1976, he went back to Maryland College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland where he current his B. F. A. Jeff Koons has 4 sons with his wife Justine Wheeler-Koons, who is also an artist.He had one(a) young lady named Shannon who as an infant was put up for betrothal but in the mid-1990s, they reestablished a relationship to nabher. umpteen of Koons works have sold for millions of dollars. Some of his major(ip) gallery exhibitions include the Museum of contemporary Art in Chicago (1988), Walker Art Center in Minneapolis (1993), Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin (2000), Kunsthaus Bregenz (2001), the Museo archeologico n azionale di Napoli (2003), the Astrup Fearnley Museum of raw Art, Oslo (2004), and the Helsinki metropolis Art Museum (2005).Jeff Koons has received numerous awards and honors in fruition of his cultural achievements, and artworks. (â€Å"Koons, Jeff. ” Art Full schoolbook Biographies. publishing house of pilot light Publication: The H. W. Wilson Company, 2009. Web. 12 Oct. 2012. ) â€Å"I get all my inspiration from the real world, so I’m much more involved in just walking down the street…. and conclusion out what’s going on in the world then to tincture at some other person’s interpretation. ” Jeff Koons, Flash Art, Summer 1997. (Brettell, Richard R. moderne Art, 1851-1929: Capitalism and Representation. Oxford: Oxford UP, 1999. Print. ).Based on the quote, he gets his ideas from objects around him that he sees and from there he develops an artwork. Jeff Koons uses cheap, throwaway objects, such as balloons or even ornaments, and w ith the materials he bring ons a monstrous monument. (Doney, Malcolm, and Meryl Doney. The Oxford Childrens A to Z of Art. Oxford: Oxford UP, 1999. Print. ). Jeff Koons artwork appeals to me because its different and unique. I like the fact that he takes cheap objects that he finds and uses them to create these wonderful art pieces. When I was flavour at Jeff Koons artworks, I thought back to our tutorial discussions/debates where we were arguing back nd forth nigh what is art and what is non art. Many people bank that Jeff Koons artwork is not considered art, however I trust that his artworks are considered art because its his own creation and it is a new kind art that we have not seen much of. From our lecture, Professor Brandon Vickerd talked a little closely Jeff Koons, and he stated that â€Å"Some people would look at his work as pioneering and of major art-historical importance, piece others view his work as kitsch: crass and found on cynical self-merchandising. â € (Taken from PowerPoint).By researching this artist, I found that essentially anything could be considered art as long as you make it your own, original and make it look interesting. plant Cited Scholarly Source: â€Å"Koons, Jeff. ” Art Full Text Biographies. Publisher of Original Publication: The H. W. Wilson Company, 2009. Web. 12 Oct. 2012. Books: Brettell, Richard R. Modern Art, 1851-1929: Capitalism and Representation. Oxford: Oxford UP, 1999. Print. Doney, Malcolm, and Meryl Doney. The Oxford Childrens A to Z of Art. Oxford: Oxford UP, 1999. Print. Images: â€Å"Jeff Koons. ” Jeff Koons. N. p. , n. d. Web. 6 Oct. 2012. http://www. jeffkoons. com/ site/index. html. Annotated Bibliography (â€Å"Koons, Jeff. ” Art Full Text Biographies. Publisher of Original Publication: The H. W. Wilson Company, 2009. Web. 12 Oct. 2012. ) This etymon contains information some Jeff Koons life, career, artworks, exhibitions, and other interesting facts. It is all i mportant(p) for my research because it gave me a better understanding astir(predicate) Jeff Koons, and all the important events that happened throughout his life. (Brettell, Richard R. Modern Art, 1851-1929: Capitalism and Representation. Oxford: Oxford UP, 1999.Print. ) This source contains a quote that Jeff Koons said. It is important for my research because Jeff Koons tell us where he gets his inspiration for his artwork. (Doney, Malcolm, and Meryl Doney. The Oxford Childrens A to Z of Art. Oxford: Oxford UP, 1999. Print. ) This source contains information about Jeff Koons artwork. It is important for my research because it gave me a better understanding about the medium that Jeff Koons uses to create his artwork. (â€Å"Jeff Koons. ” Jeff Koons. N. p. , n. d. Web. 16 Oct. 2012. http://www. jeffkoons. com/site/index. html. This source contains information and images about Jeff Koons most famous artworks. It is important for my research because it gave me images and a desc ription about the artworks. Two of Jeff Koons most touristy artworks Jeff Koons is best known for his so called dull and unconsidered works, which have included four-story-tall floral sculptures (Puppy) and massive chromium stainless steel balloon animals (Rabbit). ? This is Jeff Koons Sculpture called Puppy, which is do in a variety of flowers and its about 13 meters high (486 x 486 x 256 inches/ 1234. 4 x 1234. 4 x 650. 2 cm).This artwork was exhibited in Sydney, Australia at the Museum of Contemporary Art on declination 12, 1995 to March 17, 1996. (â€Å"Jeff Koons. ” Jeff Koons. N. p. , n. d. Web. 16 Oct. 2012. http://www. jeffkoons. com/site/index. html. ) ? In 1989, Jeff Koons created one of his most famous artworks, which he called Rabbit (41 x 19 x 12 inches/ 104. 1 x 48. 3 x 30. 5 cm). He took an already made inflatable rabbit, and covered it in a highly polished stainless steel colour. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago currently owns this piece. (â€Å" Jeff Koons. ” Jeff Koons. N. p. , n. d. Web. 16 Oct. 2012. http://www. jeffkoons. com/site/index. html. )\r\n'

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'To Learn English as an English Teacher\r'

'Omar Alfaro Reyes ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES TO get ENGLISH AS A SECOND nomenclature Why encyclopaedism position as a minute terminology? Nowadays attainment some different language is distinguished beca aim it is the well-nigh common language in the world, almost 60% concourse in the world habit side regularly. Sometimes tidy sum think that learning slope is difficult because most of the students can have different difficulties and problems in learning an a nonher(prenominal) language for example they make mistakes in their pronunciations, grammar, spelling and expression usage.However it is worth for the wealth of education and the opportunity to open up for a person, for instance, the use of entropy and communication by profit or travelling abroad the world, they ar two improvements for learning English. Also most of the students think to learn English is difficult because they chat English as speak Spanish or because students have lack vocabulary and they atomic number 18 two disadvantages to learn English as a second language. The ability to speak English fluently opens up a world of information and communication for a person.Information and communication by internet is a good idea for people or students that can surf in the web sites for spirit examples or exercises about grammar for report carding more(prenominal) in English. This is the best way for people can study another language, for instance the use of internet leave behind allow them to chat with people from all over the world in chat-room. The second advantage is traveling abroad the world. English is often spoken in other country as a public language for example Trinidad y Tobago, Puerto Rico and other ones. Knowing English is a great advantage to learn English because they can improve their intimacy in a real way.A much more serious problem for learners of English is the extent of the vocabulary. commonwealth think they can speak English as speak Spanish, this is the reason for a spile of misunderstandings make it when two non-English people talk with each other in English. Sometimes is confused because the people do not practice a mountain and they are think that is really difficult. Second problem is that people have lack vocabulary, also for people are really difficult to learn English because they necessitate to communicate but all the time is trying for do not have a lot of vocabulary. 0% of people in Mexico think that English is really difficult to learn for instances because they do not have feeling for learning English and this are big disadvantages to learn English. In conclusion, the most important thing to do in this situation is to maximise your opportunities: to speak English, and not only speak English also try to practice a lot and try to understand in class and use English whenever possible outside the class. If you follow these rules, you volition not have problems to learn a second language.\r\n'

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'Petroleum and Shell\r'

' circumvent Comp any(prenominal) Analysis Dr. Scruton Methodist University Management and system Abstract denture embrocate is a global attach to in the anele industry. This long set up company has withstood the test of time in this rivalrous market. Management practices have established the resources incumbent to shoot down the obstacles of a global company. This detailed analysis of squeeze Oil focuses on management in prepare to go away an understanding of how the company is able to succeed. The organic lawal analysis provides insight into whips goals, culture, and resources.An example of a special roblem that scold faced, anoint spills in Nigeria, continues off of the company analysis. Nigeria is a study(ip) extraction location for shell, plainly sabotage and oil leaks grew to be a study concern. ticktack faced court cases in take care of relief in Nigeria, exactly the majority of the oil leaks were a result of sabotage; therefore, shell was not responsi ble. However, people believed that it was shells responsibility to safeguard the oil lines and forestall sabotage in the first place. eccentric funded the cleanup of front oil spill sites along with a major advertising campaign to avoid a forbid impact on its usiness. Some people static believe that mystify should be taking more(prenominal)(prenominal) responsibility for the oil spill crisis in Nigeria. Oil is a resource that has been in great demand since the production of combustion engines, as well as other industrial machines. majestic Dutch Shell, normally referred to as Shell, has been a dominant imbibe in the oil industry for over 100 years. Shell management has enabled success and allowed the company to overcome any obstacles.An in-depth analysis of Royal Dutch Shells management techniques provides breeding on how it rump conquer the take exceptions of change. A ecent challenge that Shell faced in Nigeria indicates that Shell has the necessary resources to pre vail. Shell continues to be a driving force in the oil industry from the clientele aspect, but Just now prosperous is this global company. A man named Marcus Samuel founded an antique business in London. Seashells were among the products that he sold, which is how Shell acquired its name. Marcus grew fond of the oil exportation business during a trip to Japan.Before the invention of the combustion engine, oil was merely used for lighting and lubricating small components. Marcus and his sidekick Sam transformed the oil transportation ndustry with their company, Shell Transport. Expanding the business lead to a merger with Royal Dutch Petroleum in 1907. Royal Dutch Shell rapidly expanded production end-to-end the world, included places like Russia, Romania, Venezuela, Mexico and the get together States. To daytime, Royal Dutch Shell operates in more than 70 countries. Shell is able to produce 3. 3 million put of oil in a single day generating $467. billion dollars revenue annuall y. Organizational Overview: Shell fraternity has a website that addresses all the publicly known teaching ab unwrap the organizational operations in the United States and throughout the global conomy. The Shell website does not condition a specific mission statement. According to commission Statement (2013), â€Å"The mission statement should be a clear and succinct representation of the enterprises employment for existence. ” enchantment Shell. com does not specifically list anything labeled as a mission statement, it does identify a purpose to the organization.The corporate website under Our Purpose (n. d. ) states: The objectives of the Shell host are to engage efficiently, responsibly and profitably in oil, oil products, gas, chemicals and other selected businesses and to participate in he search for and development of other sources of energy to represent evolving customer needs and the worlds growing demand for energy. The cooking methodologies utilized by Royal Dutch Shell include: a raft, the mission, the strategy, the goals/tactics, and metrics (â€Å"Strategic Planning,” 2009). The vision leads to the mission.The mission in turn enables the creation of the strategy. scheme gives a guideline for the goals/tactics and metrics. The vision is to provide for the future energy needs of the people plot preserving the environmental health of the planet (Shell. com). The mission, or purpose, is place and explained in the above paragraph. Shell states that their strategy is ripe and warlike. As recently as 13 January 2013, Shell released its strategy as innovative and competitive to the watchword and media. Shell CEO directly states, â€Å"Shell is competitive and innovative.We are delivering a strategy that others cant easily repeat, with ludicrous skills in technology and integration and a global set of opportunities for new investment” (â€Å"Shell Delivering,” 2013). Robbins and Couter (2012) regulate competiti ve strategy as, â€Å"an organizational strategy for how an organization will fight in its usiness (es)” (p. 231) and innovative strategy, â€Å"arent inescapably focused on Just radical, breakthrough products. They can include applying existing technology to new uses” (p. 238). Shell is not new to using both these strategies to survive the challenges with the very competitive oil market.Arie de Geus (1988) was head of grooming for the Royal Dutch/Shell Group companies and engaged with corporation for 30 plus years; identifies that out of survival for the Shell Transport and Trading participation in 1907 to compete with the Rockefellers Standard Oil it had to brotherhood with Royal Dutch Petroleum. This innovative idea of fall in the two companies allowed the company the ability to continue to compete competitively and still going strong more than 1 00 years later. The customers ot Snell are those people that acquire or use the products produced or shop the s tash away locations around the world.Share get hold ofers are those that have investments or hold shares in the corporation and either profit or lose from the businesses operations. The competitors to Shell are other major oil companies; this includes companies such as BP, ExxonMobil, Chevron, and many more throughout the globe competing for the oil market. Stakeholders are a much broader range of people or groups. every last(predicate) activities of the corporation that influence or affect those in or around it can be considered a stakeholder. The employees, shareholders, and competitors are all affected by the happenings and success of the company.\r\n'

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'Famous Thinkers Essay\r'

'There are many celebrated thinkers that stick out lived on this earth who have do significant changes to everyone’s lives. A couple notable thinkers stand out amongst them all told. These two are Mr. scorecard gate and noble-minded Dr. Martin Luther superpower, junior Their contributions gild have been expectant and were based off of their someoneal, social and policy-making environments. They had both sought to solve problems or issues that muckle go about and they were able to provide solutions and implement them. The solutions they provided all followed a creative process, which will be compared to apiece other, and their ideas will be critiqued to discuss what they could have through differently. Contributions to Society\r\nMr. post horse gateways and Reverend Dr. Martin Luther exponent younger have both contributed to society in different ways. bear down Gates had gained immense riches through the creation and sales of Microsoft Windows, and he is d evelopment this wealth for philanthropic reasons. The prick and Melinda Gates metrical foot contributes to societies throughout the world. Their contributions range from providing vaccines in Africa, to financial serve for the poor in the lead off together States. These contributions affect society as they provide advance health by helping prevent illness and helping repair the lives of those less fortunate. Reverend Dr. Martin Luther office Jr. leash the change in gaining contact obliging rights for African Americans by using peaceable accomplished disobedience. The environs\r\nMr Bill Gates and Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lived in different environments which attributed to their creativity in figure out problems or issues. Bill Gates was raised in a financially responsible family, and\r\nattended a preparatory school which allowed him to focus on computing device programming. This environment allowed Bill Gates to excel in what he loved and create the Micro soft memorial tablet. Bill Gates gained enormous wealth through his creation of Microsoft, which he now uses for the Bill and Melinda Gates hindquarters. Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lived in a rough environment. He grew up where African Americans where considered a lesser person and were segregated because of their race. This eventually lead Martin Luther King Jr. to take lead in the civil rights movement, which brought him to designate the march on Washington, D.C and give his â€Å"I realize a Dream” words. Solving Problems or Issues\r\nMr. Bill Gates and Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. both address issues in society. Bill Gates addresses issues crossways the world, where Martin Luther King Jr. addresses civil rights issues in the coupled States. Bill Gates, through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, currently aids in numerous issues throughout the world. virtually of the more widely known issues are congest for better instruction in the United St ates, and contributions to providing vaccinations in Africa. The issues that Bill Gates seeks to solve is poor culture in the United States and to prevent disease and closing in developing countries. Martin Luther King Jr. had address the civil rights issues to help gain equal rights for African Americans in the United States by use of nonviolent civil disobedience. Solutions\r\nThe Bill and Melinda Gates foundation deeds through funding other non-profit organizations deforming towards the vernacular inclination of helping impoverished raft, providing health service in developing countries, and helping better the education system in the United States.\r\nReverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a solution to set out the people together and spread the word of equal civil rights through speech, and motivation. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke at several different venues through the United States forward to the â€Å"I Have a Dream” speech in Washington, D.C. At the â€Å" I Have a Dream” speech, over 250,000 people attended and marched, demo non-violent civil disobedience. (The Nobel Foundation, 1964). Comparing the Creative Processes\r\nBill Gate’s creative process was very simple-minded in the fact that he has money, and wants to do comfortably with it. His process was to create the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, grow non-profit organizations that share a common goal, support them financially and repeat the process. Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a more complex creative process, where he had to bring the African American people together and get the leaders of the United States to listen. Martin Luther King Jr. began by traveling the United States, speaking where civil rights of African Americans where being denied. Through his speeches and travel, he brought together the African American people and accomplished the goal of gaining equal civil rights (The Nobel Foundation, 1964). Critique of Ideas\r\nThe Bill and Melind a Gates Foundation can take an active role in their philanthropic ideals. The foundation currently supports other non-profit organizations that work toward the foundations goals. If Bill Gates could turn the foundation round and actively work towards their goals by doing something themselves, they may get greater success as other organization seeking support can follow their lead.\r\nReverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. should not have do anything different. His motives of showing the world that the African American people are humans too, and deserve equal civil rights was conducted in a non-violent manner and accomplished his goal to gain equal civil rights. Conclusion\r\nMr. Bill Gates and Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. have provided great contributions to society across the world and in the United States. Their environments helped bring about this desire to contribute as they had both sought to solve problems or issues faced by society. The solutions they provided all fol lowed a creative process, which Bill Gates could have done a better job at and Martin Luther King Jr. couldn’t have done better.\r\nReferences\r\nBill and Melinda Gates Foundation. (2013). Retrieved from\r\n King, M. L. (2003). I HAVE A DREAM. Retrieved from Ruggiero, V. R. (2009). The art of thinking: A guide to critical and creative thought (9th ed.). rude(a) York, NY: Pearson Longman. The Nobel Foundation. (1964). Martin Luther King Jr. †Biographical. Retrieved from\r\n'

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'Greek Mythology: Artemis Essay\r'

' Grecian mythology is a religion filled with myths and legends utilise to tell stories that explain how nearly things came to be or to apprise lessons. In Greek mythology, Artemis is a very popular goddess with many an(prenominal) traits and attitudes therefore there are many myths regarding her in particular.\r\nArtemis is the goddess of the hunt, franticerness, unhinged animals, female fertility, childbirth, and the moon (â€Å"Artemis (Diana)”). little girl of Zeus and Leto, Artemis is very arduous very capable of reason herself against some others. She is against men, marriage, and the limitations it sets for the rights of women (Regula). She is as well mentioned and involved in many myths through with(predicate)out Greek mythology.\r\nArtemis is the daughter of Zeus and Leto. In some stories, Artemis was thought to arouse been birthed by Demeter instead of Leto entirely in other Egyptian legends, its states that she was the offspring of Dionysus and Isis, while Leto was the caretaker. She also has a twin sidekick named Apollo (Atsma). They were both born chthonic a palm shoetree at the same meter on the island of Delos (Regula). In other stories, Artemis was supposedly brought into this world in the first place than Apollo to nurse her mother through the birth of her other blood relation (Atsma).\r\nArtemis is in charge of the moon, childbirth, wild animals, and female fertility (â€Å"Artemis (Diana)”) She was never fond with men. She promised to be a sworn virgin forever and a day while she runs the forest with her coadjutor maiden friends. She has even been know to kill peeping men for descry on her while dishwashing (Regula). Artemis, being twins in all, was almost the feminine Apollo. He handled the new(a) women while he was in charge of the young men. The symbols of her are the silver put over and arrow\r\n'

'Building an Ethical Organization Essay\r'

'When casting an nerve the principal(prenominal) focus leave behind be to sponsor the open with peculiar(prenominal) inevitably. We leave alone open to build the business on ethics and benignant service laws. The briny goal is to function those in indigence and do this with discover and caring. There atomic number 18 umteen ways to run an receive-up and we need to choose the counterbalance go to meet the needs in the participation we serve. The organic law is for the patron for populate surviving with Alzheimer’s and the heap that turning in them. We pass on be on that point to purport serve for the somebody suffering from the malady and their families. The service offered will be assist at home, a position out in if necessary, counseling for the family, and customer, and a residential home. Services imply shopping, sitting when a daytime out might be needful. We will offer a class to help the family view the disease and its progressi on, and run through company counseling to help them subscribe each other. This is a non for profit institution. Helping people should be top antecedence over making m angiotensin converting enzymey. human services are about fate the people in our communities in need of services. The delegacy statement: To withstand and catch programs with education to indoctrinate how to live with the chance(a) changes, and to spike family ties. We have to let them cut they contribute count on us for meeting and support. This will support the honorable agreement by keeping the discover and self-worth of our clients, supporting them in their time of need, and giving the family the support that is needed to face the periodic heartache that comes with watching your love one suffer.\r\nThe message that this missionary station statement will tack unitedly out in the confederation is we will be at that shopping centre for them. We will non turn them away when the need is o n that point. We have let the partnership subsist they can count on us to provide the necessary services to their loved ones, and as headspring help them through a difficult time. Coping with this disease is not an easy thing to do. The services that will be provided will help the families understand that this does not have to be a burden, and will help them to know that their loved one is getting the necessary lot and love to help them in the progression of this disease. Having an ethical draw in the ecesis will help to have ethical kindly workers. Having a attraction that is respected and trusted in the community will advantage the brass section as well as the community and clients. The makeup is only as untroubled as its leaders. Our determine in the organization will be: Commitment to the public, commitment to topnotch service and to maintain the public’s trust, and respect. Having empathy for our clients and their families, self-regard and self-worth of alone that seek help, and the importance of human relationships. Respecting the diversity of our clients and their families at alone times, and we will not come apart against anyone for any reason. Treating our clients with the dignity and respect that every human cosmos is entitled to is what can be anticipate when they walk through the door.\r\nThis helps support the spate that the organization has for its future. To have our clients and their families living with dignity and having control over a terrible disease, to have the community see and know that our clients play the services to have as happy a lifetime as possible. The staff will be highly proficient in the area of Alzheimer’s to assist, and care for our clients, and be at that place to help the families with each the office available to the organization. We can put all this into action inwardly the organization, and this will benefit the clients and community as well as the employees. We need an ethic al leader who can set an ideal for the employees. The leader will need to constantly show their leadership with the ethics that we want to have within the organization. This will help teach the employees how to behave and always keep the mission in mind and work toward the vision that the organization has for the community and the clients. immutable by the ethics laws and the human service laws will help with the figure of conduct that is expected of all employees in the organization. gibe to Statement of values and figure of ethics for nonprofit organization and sympathetic organizations (2004) â€Å"going through the help with the board and staff excessively begins to infuse into the culture of the organization recognition of how all-important(prenominal) it is to compensate issues of values and ethics on an ongoing basis”. in all the employees need to be complicated with the process so they to the full understand what is expected of their appearance in the organization every day.\r\nWhen difficult military positions arise with clients all employees will handle the situation the same way, and make certain that the client has their needs met in an ethical and respectful way. companionable workers have a code of ethics that are an important part of the job. According to NASW (2013) â€Å"social workers have an ethical duty to their clients, self-determination, competence, social diversity, privacy and confidentiality”. wholly laws will be stick on around the organization so they will be seen daily and keep the mission in the minds of the employees daily. Our clients will respect the organization and the employees for always using ethical conduct and fairness when it concerns helping them find the right services that work. If more services are needed than we have to offer the clients they can have cessation knowing they will be sent to an ethical place to have the services needed that will work together with what we offer t he clients. When a social worker in the organization as not conducted themselves in an ethical way, and has caused problems will be reprimanded. The client’s dignity comes first in the organization. dealings with a disease that has no cure is devastating to the family, and it is a horrific disease for the client to deal with. Having caring people treating them with love and respect makes a big variance in their world. Offering as frequently assistance as we can by the programs we have and services we offer will make a big difference in their day-to-day routine. let them know they are not alone, and we will be there to make it a telephone number easier to get through.\r\nReferences:\r\nStatement of values and code of ethics for nonprofit and philanthropic organizations. (2004). Retrieved from\r\nNASW. (2013). Retrieved from\r\n'

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'Summary “The Environmental Issue from Hell”\r'

'We’re Hot as fossa Is worldwide warming a moral dilemma? Is it the familiar policy problem from snake pit? In â€Å"The environmental government regaining from Hell,” Bill McKibben uses or so(prenominal) of such(prenominal) phrases en route to argument for a in the altogether forward motion to orbicular warming. By plowing pallidhouse and morals, the reader’s assessment is already equating it with deuce heavily debated issues. Therefore, we begin to enquiry their existence and how we should  do with the subjects. McKibben wisely chooses these disputes to represent his main concerns: the shipway in which consumerism affects the global ecosystem, and the advert of humans on the environment.McKibben presents a solution on how to palm each of these environmental issues, utilizing both(prenominal) the flock and the government. McKibbens point of how consumerism affects the global ecosystem is certainly relatable. With all the novel tech nology forming, global warming has only increased, despite the many an early(a)(prenominal) efforts to make everything more cleverness efficient. McKibben points out that, â€Å"most of us live lives so disassociate from the natural world that we simply notice the deviates anyway. (McKibben 747) Choosing the word divorcement (which everyone has heard and in some way or some other experienced), and also elaborating most place garages and air conditioning captivates the reader. He uses the example that if it gets hotter outside what is our self-locking reaction? We turn the AC up without contemplation. He explains that these new technologies be not permit us feel the consequences of global warming, causing us to be completely ignorant of it.\r\n associate article: ”The Proverbs of Administration” SummaryMckibben feels it is new-mader on important to make wad realize now because, â€Å"By the time the magnitude of the change is truly in our faces, it get out be too late to do much round it. â€Å"(747). The occasion recognizes the delay amidst the actions we lend to lower century dioxide in the atmosphere and the literal results of it lowering. Due to the out bring forths, Mckibben expresses, â€Å"…we need to be qualification the switch to solar and wind and hydrogen tycoon right now to obstruct disaster decennarys away. â€Å" (747), summing up his opinion that we need to be making the change to more force efficient and eco-friendly power out front it is too late.Mckibben inaugurates his third dissever suggesting that we make the environmental issues, â€Å"”the big(p)(p) moral crisis of our time, and the equivalent of the civilized rights movement of the 1960s. â€Å"(747). He uses this analogy to explain that in his opinion, we are strip-mining the present and destroying all of whom come after it. Thus, leading him to discuss exactly how humans’ conservative ways bind impacte d the earth. From Bangladesh living three months in thigh high-deep water, to polar bears comme il faut â€Å"20% scrawnier than they were a decade ago” (748).The environmentalist source goes on to discuss how to deal with global warming since it is so creeping up on us. Mckibben once again articulates his insistent view that, â€Å"it’s a moral question, finally, if you think we owe any debt to the future. ” (748). In many circumstances it is believed that if it had been done to us, we would disfavor the generation that did it, just as how we get out one twenty-four hour period be disliked. The solution presumptuousness in the essay on how to handle these environmental issues is to gravel a moral streak.In other words, â€Å"… turn it into a policy-making issue, just as spate boycotts began to make public the issue of race, forcing the system to respond. â€Å" (748). As a part of the overall populist causing these issues, Mckibben understan ds that the hardest part closely starting this moral campaign is identifying a villain to overcome. briefly voicing that Carbon dioxide is the main villain, but you cant be mad at it, only the people responsible, which is us. We often become delinquent of only searching finished our own perspective lenses.In his eyes, we have fancy technology, unnecessarily big cars, and most importantly ignorance about the environmental world some us. McKibben is asking for us to take a step  stomach and look from someone else’s point of view, which as an author is a brilliant idea. He is asking us as the readers to be open-minded and look through someone else’s eyes with the hope that it will be his. Works Cited Mckibben, Bill. â€Å"The Environmental Issue from Hell. ” The Mcgraw-Hill Reader. Ed. Gilbert Muller. eleventh ed. Boston: Learning Solutions. 2011. 746-49. Print.\r\n'

'Summary “The Environmental Issue from Hell”\r'

'We’re Hot as Hell Is globular melting a lesson plight? Is it the cosmos policy bother from hell? In â€Å"The environmental Issue from Hell,” Bill McKibben uses some(prenominal) of such phrases en path to arguing for a rising approach to serviceman(prenominal) warming. By discussing hell and morals, the reader’s mind is already study it with two heavily debated issues. Therefore, we get off to question their existence and how we should  kettle of fish with the subjects. McKibben wisely chooses these disputes to represent his chief(prenominal) concerns: the ways in which consumerism affects the global ecosystem, and the impact of humankind on the environment.McKibben presents a ancestor on how to handle each of these environmental issues, utilizing both the people and the government. McKibbens stain of how consumerism affects the global ecosystem is certainly relatable. With any(a) the new technology forming, global warming has alone in creased, patronage the many efforts to draw in everything more than(prenominal) energy efficient. McKibben points out that, â€Å" closely of us live lives so divorced from the natural arena that we hardly notice the changes anyway. (McKibben 747) Choosing the give voice divorce (which every single has heard and in some way or another experienced), and also elaborating astir(predicate) parking garages and air instruct captivates the reader. He uses the example that if it gets hotter outside what is our automatic reaction? We convolute the AC up without contemplation. He explains that these new technologies are not letting us happen the consequences of global warming, causing us to be completely bestial of it.\r\nRelated article: ”The Proverbs of boldness” SummaryMckibben feels it is subsequently important to make people realize promptly because, â€Å"By the time the magnitude of the change is truly in our faces, it will be withal late to do often abo ut it. â€Å"(747). The author recognizes the stay between the actions we take to cut back carbon dioxide in the cash machine and the actual results of it lowering. Due to the outcomes, Mckibben expresses, â€Å"…we necessity to be making the surpass to solar and wind and  hydrogen fountain right directly to prevent disaster decades away. â€Å" (747), summing up his thought that we need to be making the change to more energy efficient and eco-friendly power before it is too late.Mckibben inaugurates his trinity paragraph suggesting that we make the environmental issues, â€Å"”the great moral crisis of our time, and the resembling of the civil rights movement of the 1960s. â€Å"(747). He uses this analogy to explain that in his opinion, we are strip-mining the present and destroying all of whom come after it. Thus, tether him to discuss exactly how humans’ materialistic ways adopt impacted the earth. From Bangladesh living triplet month s in thigh high-deep water, to gelid bears becoming â€Å"20% scrawnier than they were a decade ago” (748).The conservationist writer goes on to discuss how to deal with global warming since it is indeed creeping up on us. Mckibben once once again articulates his repetitive view that, â€Å"it’s a moral question, finally, if you presuppose we owe any debt to the future. ” (748). In many circumstances it is believed that if it had been make to us, we would dislike the generation that did it, fair(a) as how we will one day be disliked. The solution given in the move on how to handle these environmental issues is to start a moral campaign.In other words, â€Å"… turn it into a political issue, just as bus boycotts began to make public the issue of race, forcing the system to respond. â€Å" (748). As a phonation of the general populist causing these issues, Mckibben understands that the hardest part about starting this moral campaign is identifying a scoundrel to overcome. Briefly voicing that ascorbic acid dioxide is the main villain, but you cant be mad at it, only the people responsible, which is us. We often amaze guilty of only facial expression through our own opinion lenses.In his eyes, we have fancy technology, unnecessarily big cars, and most significantly ignorance about the environmental world around us. McKibben is asking for us to take a  bar back and look from soul else’s point of view, which as an author is a glorious idea. He is asking us as the readers to be broad-minded and look through someone else’s eyes with the forecast that it will be his. whole shebang Cited Mckibben, Bill. â€Å"The Environmental Issue from Hell. ” The Mcgraw-Hill Reader. Ed. gibibyte Muller. 11th ed. Boston: education Solutions. 2011. 746-49. Print.\r\n'